The JRC Insurance Group Scholarship

jrc scholarshipAt JRC Insurance Group, we are fortunate to work with clients who prioritize caring for their loved ones…  in life or death.

They ensure their children’s dreams and goals will be realized even if they aren’t there to see it.  Second to protecting the family home, they tell us they want to make sure their children get a good start in life by obtaining a college education.

Despite the rising cost of higher education, the number of families protecting their children’s education by securing life insurance is declining.  LIMRA research tells us that 85% of consumers agree that “most people need life insurance”, but less than half of middle market consumers ages 25 to 64 have individual life insurance coverage.

Help us turn this disturbing trend around!

Scholarship Details and Requirements

Why We Offer Scholarships

At JRC Insurance Group, we aim to be different than the average life insurance agency providing term plans. Our slogan is “your friend in the insurance industry”.

Our philosophy that has inspired us to give back to the community with scholarships is also clearly seen throughout our site. That’s why, when other agencies request contact information in exchange for term life insurance rates, we offer life insurance quotes with no personal information required. We don’t lure people in and by use of squeeze pages, force them to get a quote. We even show sample life insurance rates by age, no questions asked and personal information is optional.

We also teach our visitors about tips on buying affordable life insurance. If they’re not sure what type of life insurance they need or how much, our “What is Life Insurance?” guide offers examples of the ways we’ve helped other clients as well as free quotes.

Not sure which company has the best financial stability? Which company offers the lowest rates and which company would treat a difficult health condition most favorably, such as diabetes or a heart condition? That’s why we created our top life insurance companies page.