JRC Insurance Group™ Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

JRCInsuranceGroup.com is owned and operated by JRC Insurance Group, whose commitment is to the security of all your personal information.  In this privacy statement, you’ll learn about how we protect your information, as well as the uses and benefits of providing it.

What information is gathered and how is it used?

As an independent agency, who is able to take a client’s case to multiple carriers, we collect information on our site which we use for the sole purpose of determining which insurance carriers and products match your needs best.  Each insurance company prices their products differently, based on a variety of health related and personal risk factors, so to help match you most accurately with the best company, product, and policy for your needs, after submitting a quote request, a licensed representative will review your submission and either call you or email you to help determine whether or not you can qualify for the rating you quoted yourself. In this conversation, we gather general health, lifestyle, family history and contact information.

Of course, you should only feel comfortable providing this information to a trusted name with a verified commitment to your privacy and security. Owned by JRC Insurance Group, who has more than a 100 years of combined experience providing life insurance, you can rest assured that our only interest is helping you obtain affordable life insurance.

Please call us at 855-247-9555 or email us at info@jrcinsurancegroup.com with any questions.

Will JRC Insurance Group share my personal information to other agents?

We will never share your information with any third party agents/agencies for any reason.

When does JRC Insurance Group provide my personal information to Insurance companies?

Once we are given your approval to begin the application process, we will collect personal information which will ultimately be shared with the insurance carrier of your choice.  Prior to submission to the insurance carrier, you will receive the application to review and sign.  You will also have the opportunity to edit/correct this information.

How will the Insurance companies use my information once I authorize its release?

Any personal information gathered by JRC Insurance Group is used only for the process of qualifying you for Insurance products. Where permitted by law, your information may be used to request credit, medical and/or driving records from a third party. This information is used for underwriting the application in accordance with the disclosures and releases that you must review and sign. These authorizations are included with your application.

Does JRCInsuranceGroup.com use “cookies”?

Yes.  A cookie is a small text file saved on your computer’s hard drive and stored in memory while your browser is running.  It is used to personalize your experience on our website, complete transactions over the internet, and enhances security.  Cookies also allow our site to display pages properly.

We do not use cookies to link to any personally identifiable information while on our website, nor can a cookie retrieve data from your computer.  Your privacy and security are not compromised when you accept a cookie from JRCInsuranceGroup.com.

What Happens if I Fill Out the Instant Quote Request Form?

You will immediately see the quotes you requested. You can get as many instant quotes as you like. One of our representatives then typically will call you and/or email you within 24 hours to ensure accuracy of the quote you received. We find many of our site’s visitors don’t know which health class to quote themselves at, or may need assistance determining the amount or type of life insurance policy needed, which is the purpose of our contact.

Completion of any quote request form on this website implies the establishment of a business relationship and gives us the right to contact you via phone or email.

JRC Insurance Group Spam Policy

JRC Insurance Group does not condone or use spam or any other form of unsolicited email. You will only receive an email from JRC Insurance Group when you have specifically provided your email address with us to receive information or in the future through an “opt-in” form, or if you have obtained a product through us or have an existing relationship with us.

If you have requested information from us or provided contact information via our site, you have agreed to opt-in to receive our information.

At any time, you may unsubscribe from our email mailing list simply by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any one of our emails.

Although we will endeavor to take great care to preserve your privacy, we may be required to release personal information if we are legally required to do so, or if we must comply with a legal process that is served on our Web site.

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, our website, or any other aspect of the services we offer, please call us at 855-247-9555 or email us at info@jrcinsurancegroup.com