Clifford Pendell

Cliff Pendell

Licensed Insurance Agent
phone: 855-322-0784 e-mail: Cliff@jrcinsurancegroup.comContact Cliff Pendell

Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Cliff Pendell

Licensed in 48 states, specializes in helping high-risk clients who have been declined for coverage

He is the brain trust and head marketer for JRC insurance Group.  Cliff grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and attended Arizona State University where he met his beautiful wife, Jennifer. They currently reside in San Diego County with their two boys Liam and Aiden.

When he’s not spending time with family, Cliff enjoys showcasing his culinary prowess, visiting historic sites, paddle boarding, fishing, and reading about world history.


Company PositionManaging Partner and Co-founder
ExpertiseSpecialized with high-risk clients that have previously been declined for life insurance for conditions like diabetes or depression.

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