A Life of Opportunity Should Never Be Taken Away – JRC Scholarship Spring 2015 Winner

Austin Ramirez - JRC Insurance Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Austin Ramirez, winner of the $1,000 JRC Insurance Group Scholarship for Spring 2015.

Austin is a freshman at Texas A&M, majoring in Business Administration.Austin Ramirez JRC Insurance Scholarship Winner

The JRC Insurance Group Scholarship was established to not only serve the community by providing funds to the winning applicant, but also to help educate families about the need for life insurance.  Scholarship details can be found here.

We asked each applicant to write an essay about why a family breadwinner’s income should be protected by life insurance.  Austin’s essay captures the essence of the need for life insurance for income replacement and college planning.  With his permission, we have published his entry below.

Congratulations and a job well done, Austin!

“A Life of Opportunity Should Never Be Taken Away”

The opportunity to attend an institution of higher education is a blessing, not a right, and those, such as myself that are able to do so, must realize the blessing that has bestowed upon us. College is expensive and is not meant to be taken lightly. Many children do not have the financial ability to attend college, and those of us that are, must realize where this money comes from. Money to pay for schooling is earned, whether it be from the student in school themselves or their parents. Regardless of the source of the capital, a student’s dreams should never be eliminated because of the death of a parent or guardian. The death of a loved one is challenging enough, and life insurance is a way to guarantee that fuel is not added to the fire and the student is still able to pay tuition for higher education.

Life insurance is a life raft for college students who endure the storm of hardship that comes with coping with the death of a parent. Every child should be provided with the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential and the death of a guardian should not inhibit a student from reaching their ultimate goals. In the end, the death of a parent should provide motivation for the student to do better, knowing that his or her parents are watching from above with the best seat in the house. A simple way to ensure that this is able to happen is by protecting the parent’s financial stability in the form of life insurance for the student if tragedy were to strike.

Life insurance is a reality easy, but highly impactful, way for a family’s income earner to position him or herself in the ultimate position of selfless service. Investing in a life insurance plan is a way for a parent or guardian to acknowledge the fact that each and every individual is never guaranteed another day and that we will never know when our time in which the Lord calls us home will come, but at the same time, ensuring their children will be able to strive upon their passing. Those who invest in life insurance plans for the benefit of the children and/or spouse are practicing selflessness, compassion, and a high sacrifice that is defined in a parent’s love for his or her children, husband, or wife. During his or her lifetime, the parent often sacrifices many tangible pleasures and gifts in order to invest in the life insurance plan on behalf of his or her loved ones.

As the costs of higher education continue to rise, many families will be unable to afford for their children to attend college, despite the fact that the world is evolving into a place where a college degree is vital to obtaining a job with a stable and adequate income to meet the standard of living. The sad reality of life is that death can strike at any time, leaving loved ones on Earth to live to make their deceased loved one proud. Every child has a dream and often times, college can help children achieve those dreams. No child’s dream should ever be put to rest as their parent is laid to rest themselves. Life insurance can prevent this from happening by providing the remaining immediate family with a contribution towards financial stability in order to ensure that the immediate family of the decreased is able to live comfortably and make their own dreams a reality.

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