Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life

Toll Free: 855-247-9555

Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life.
Toll Free: 855-247-9555

About Gerber Life Insurance Company

The Gerber Life Insurance Company began issuing juvenile life insurance policies to parents in 1967. In the past 50 years, they have grown to become a leading provider of juvenile life insurance and guaranteed whole life insurance to individuals in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
Buying life insurance is a long-term decision, and the life insurance company that you choose to buy from should provide you with peace of mind. You want to know that they will be there when your family needs them the most. Therefore, it’s important to choose a life insurance provider that is financially solid with a proven track record of paying their claims.
Gerber Life has never failed to pay a valid life insurance claim, and in May 2017, A.M. Best reaffirmed their financial stability rating as A (Excellent). A.M. best is an Independent Rating Agency that focuses primarily on U.S.- based insurance providers. (Pleased note: These financial ratings refer only to the overall financial outlook of the insurer, and they are not an endorsement or recommendation for any company or it’s products).
Most importantly, the Gerber Life Insurance Company is a reliable insurer with approximately $33 billion worth of active life insurance policies in force, and 3 more than million policyholders. With a Guaranteed Acceptance policy from Gerber Life, you can lock in fixed lifetime rates that can never increase. There is never a better time to buy your life insurance, secure the cost of your life insurance coverage now.

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What Is Whole Life Insurance?

Gerber Life Company offers guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance to applicants until the age of 80. These policies provide fixed coverage and level rates to age 100.

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*Illustrated monthly rate is available to a 50-year-old female for a policy with a $5,000 face amount.
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