Life Insurance for the Terminally Ill

life insurance for the terminally ill

You’re at the doctor’s office – it doesn’t sound good. He sits down with you, and explains to you that you have a terminal illness. This upsetting news changes everything. One of your main questions is most likely, “How will my loved ones survive financially after I’m gone? Is it too late to get life […] Read more

outlive policy

Finding an affordable life insurance policy at the age of 63 can be a daunting process. The options are endless – there’s term life, whole life, universal life, guaranteed universal life, guaranteed issue, final expense…the list just goes on and on. It is easy to procrastinate, especially if you’re like most people and find shopping […] Read more

9 Reasons to Buy Final Expense Insurance

burial costs

Say you’re nearing the later years of your life, and have no life insurance policy in place to protect your loved ones if you were to pass away. At this point, it’s much harder to qualify for affordable coverage, which leaves you discouraged and wanting to give up. This is where final expense insurance comes […] Read more

life insurance final expenses and burial

    You know you need life insurance, but as you begin to shop for it, you wonder… Did I wait too long? Are you now being told: You can no longer qualify or the rates are too expensive. Or, the policy won’t pay if you die in the first 2 years. …Since these are such common problems people […] Read more

Dying Without Life Insurance

dying without life insurance

On our website, we talk a lot about how you want to make sure you’re insured when you pass away, so your beneficiaries can receive the death benefit to spend how they wish. What we don’t talk about is what happens if you die without having a life insurance policy in force. In this article, we […] Read more