So – you’ve done your research and looked at all the different life insurance options. You’ve come to the conclusion that a term life policy would be the best fit. But how do you figure out what the best term length is for your needs? We see a lot of confusion here with my clients. […] Read more

inheritance tax

If you’re planning to set aside an inheritance for your loved ones, we recommend researching your state’s inheritance tax laws. As of January 1st, 2020, six states have an inheritance tax and twelve states plus DC levy an estate tax.  While estate taxes are only collected from a small percentage of extremely wealthy families, inheritance […] Read more

Life insurance without a medical exam is fast and easy

  By now, most people know that life insurance is essential in protecting their family from financial burden and stress in the event of their passing. Many times, the fear of medical offices and doctor appointments can keep people away from providing that security to their loved ones. The good news is that many top-rated […] Read more

7 Steps to finding cheaper life insurance in 2019

Most of us need some life insurance, but that doesn’t mean that we should overpay for it. Knowledge is power, and learning a little bit about the life insurance industry could save you a considerable amount of money. Every company has their own pricing, health guidelines and underwriting criteria. As an independent agency that represents […] Read more


There are dozens of highly-rated insurance providers that offer affordable permanent and whole life insurance protection. To help you find your best option, we’ve provided a whole life insurance rate chart that compares monthly pricing for males and females. This article also offers a brief background of the best whole life companies, and an alternative […] Read more