Low-interest rates can impact the economy in many ways. From encouraging consumer borrowing and investing, to increasing consumer confidence, low-interest rates can positively impact the economy. However, low-interest rates also have drawbacks. One such drawback is that some insurance companies are no longer offering guaranteed universal life insurance (GUL). So, what does this possible discontinuation […] Read more

estate planning for 2021

The recent election has encouraged many wealthier families to reconsider their estate plans. With a Democratic majority in Congress and presence in the presidential seat, there could be significant changes to the country’s tax structure. In particular, we may see changes to the estate tax. In 2021, the exemption is $11,700,000 per individual and $23,400,000 […] Read more

What is Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance?

Most people find whole life insurance to be too expensive. And while term life insurance can indeed be the perfect solution, concern often arises: “I like the price of term life insurance but am afraid of outliving it and being left without coverage later in life.” This is a very common concern, as living past […] Read more

You’ve just learned that you should be looking at life insurance to protect your hard earned estate. …and your head is spinning. This is common. I’ve been in the life insurance industry for nearly 17 years, and even for us “in the know,” it’s a complicated and confusing topic. You’re wise for doing your research. […] Read more

Life Insurance for High Net Worth Individuals

Life insurance is a major component of estate planning. It’s a necessity for high net worth individuals that wish to preserve their estate for future generations. By properly developing an estate plan and utilizing the right type of life insurance, you can ensure the livelihood of your loved ones even when you’ve passed on. Life […] Read more