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When is the last time you reviewed your life insurance policy? If you’re like most people, you probably stopped thinking about your life insurance coverage right after you made your first payment. The good news is, you’ve already gotten the hardest part out of the way, but to a lot of people’s surprise, it’s still […] Read more

As an independent life insurance agency, JRC Insurance Group works directly with dozens of top-rated insurers. Having hands-on experience enables us to provide our readers with detailed, objective reviews that are based on our real-life experiences. Working with so many different carriers allows us to see where each of their strengths and weaknesses lie. We […] Read more

Read This Before Buying IUL Insurance

Are you about to buy indexed universal life insurance (IUL) in hopes of seeing a sizable return on your investment? Stop and read this article first. Many sales-driven agents out there are pushing IUL as a means of sending your kids to college, retiring, or enjoying newfound financial freedom, but the truth is that IUL […] Read more

Indexed universal life insurance (IUL) is a hot product on the market, but many consumers do not understand the risk associated with owning an IUL policy. Clients come to us every day asking whether or not they should purchase IUL as an investment to add to their portfolio. When we explain to them how IUL […] Read more

Buying Long-Term Care Insurance in Your 50s

Buying long-term care insurance (LTC insurance) in your 50s is a smart decision, considering the cost of long-term care in the U.S. According to New York Life, the average annual cost of a nursing home is $96,000 and rising. Assisted living or home care can run $50,000 per year for quality care. If you are […] Read more