11 Reasons You Were Declined for Life Insurance

11 reasons you were declined for life insurance

Let’s be honest – no one likes getting denied. Whether it’s in your personal life or for something more professional like life insurance, it’s never fun. Many people deem that their health isn’t in good shape, so they put off applying for life insurance in fear of getting very high rates, or flat out declined. […] Read More

  If you have a pre-existing medical condition, finding affordable life insurance can be a challenge. Not all life insurance companies treat pre-existing health conditions the same. In this article, we will show you how and where to find the most affordable free life insurance quotes for your particular health concern. Quick Article Guide: 1. […] Read More

Purchasing Life Insurance After Prostate Cancer

Are you a survivor of prostate cancer? Are you currently looking to purchase a life insurance policy, but are in fear of high rates or being declined? Depending on your specific treatment and overall health, purchasing an affordable life insurance policy to protect your loved ones may be easier than you think. We at JRC […] Read More

Pros and Cons of No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Have you been putting off purchasing life insurance because of your hectic schedule? Are you constantly traveling for work? Or maybe, you just can’t stand the thought of giving blood. The good news is, you are not alone, and we can probably help. Over the last five years, a handful of highly-rated insurance companies have […] Read More

Our clients often ask us, “How does depression affect the cost of life insurance coverage?” Depression affects everyone differently, and some cases of depression are more severe than others. This is why the life insurance companies review each applicant’s history of treatments and medications when they apply for coverage. Statistically, depression has been linked to […] Read More