Having a serious illness or medical condition can make it difficult to find affordable life insurance. But, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t mean you can’t get life insurance altogether. With groundbreaking medical advances, improved survival rates, and new life insurance products catering to the ill, you should never assume that you are “uninsurable”. In […] Read more

11 Reasons You Were Declined for Life Insurance

11 reasons you were declined for life insurance

Let’s be honest – no one likes getting denied. Whether it’s in your personal life or for something more professional like life insurance, it’s never fun. Many people deem that their health isn’t in good shape, so they put off applying for life insurance in fear of getting very high rates, or flat out declined. […] Read more

children rider

Almost everyone needs life insurance, but most of us would rather die than talk to a life insurance agent. All jokes aside, as life insurance agents, we understand. No one wants to talk about death, and we’ve all seen Groundhog’s Day, so we know our reputation proceeds us. So how do you get an accurate […] Read more

What’s the Cost of Term Life Insurance?


When we have an interest in purchasing a product or service, our first question is usually, “How much does it cost?” Buying a term life insurance policy is no different! According to a recent LIMRA study, the primary reason that most Americans don’t have life insurance is not because they don’t need it, it’s because […] Read more

guaranteed acceptance life insurance before 40

If you are under the age of 40, and have been diagnosed with a serious health issue, finding a life insurance policy can be challenging. Term insurance providers will turn you away and most guaranteed life insurance policies are not available until the age of 45 or later. Thankfully, if you are working at least […] Read more