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How would your business continue in the event of an unexpected death within your company?

“Life Insurance provides the immediate cash a business needs at the death of an owner or key employee.”

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How We Helped Ellen

Ellen, a 45 year old, is:

  • The Founder and CEO of an expanding textile
    company in the fashion sector
  • Has 63 employees and growing
  • Is responsible for strategic planning &
    creative design
  • Concerned her death could end her business
    and cause her employees to lose their jobs

“We shopped our 40+ carriers, and found Ellen a $1 Million policy with level premiums for 10 years for $44 per month.”

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How Much Coverage Do You Need and What Type?

“For Key Employees, most advisers recommend a multiple of 5-7 times current salary, or estimated lost earnings to the company times 1-2 years. Term insurance is the most cost effective way to buy this protection.”

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