Life Insurance Covers Coronavirus and You Can Still Get A Policy


Already have a term or whole life policy? Relax! Your life insurance covers Coronavirus. If your policy is active before you are diagnosed with any health issue, your beneficiary is protected. As of right now, you can still buy coverage too! A few top-rated providers are even offering life insurance online with no medical exam […] Read more

Life Insurance Can Provide A Stop-Gap While The Market Recovers

life insurance stop gap during market recovery

Over the last few weeks the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in major sell-offs on Wall Street. While we hope to see things rebound as quickly as possible, some of us our searching for a safety net while the market recovers. During times of volatility, life insurance can provide a stop-gap while the stock market rebounds. […] Read more

Approvals for Life Insurance with Depression – What to Expect

Our clients often ask us, “How does depression affect the cost of life insurance coverage?” Depression affects everyone differently, and some cases of depression are more severe than others. This is why the life insurance companies review each applicant’s history of treatments and medications when they apply for coverage. Statistically, depression has been linked to […] Read more

Life Insurance and Coronavirus – Buy Coverage Without an Exam

buying life insurance and coronavirus

Recently, we’ve received an influx of calls from folks that are scrambling to protect their families from the Coronavirus with life insurance. Despite the pandemic, you can still purchase an affordable life insurance policy to preserve your family’s financial future while the market recovers! A handful of providers have even simplified their approval process, so […] Read more

$2 Million to $5 Million Life Insurance Quotes – Tips & Exclusions

2 to 5 million life insurance quotes

So, what exactly are the requirements to buy $2,000,000 or more of life insurance? And more importantly – how much does it cost? When applying for such large amounts of coverage, you should be aware of special requirements that will be required of you that may not be required of someone buying a simple $100,000 […] Read more