Term Life Insurance Quotes Online (Updated Rates for 2021)

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Almost everyone needs life insurance, but most of us would rather die than talk to a life insurance agent. All jokes aside, as life insurance agents, we understand. No one wants to talk about death, and we’ve all seen Groundhog’s Day, so we know our reputation proceeds us. So how do you get an accurate […] Read more

What’s the Cost of Term Life Insurance?


When we have an interest in purchasing a product or service, our first question is usually, “How much does it cost?” Buying a term life insurance policy is no different! According to a recent LIMRA study, the primary reason that most Americans don’t have life insurance is not because they don’t need it, it’s because […] Read more

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Under Age 40 – No Health Questions!

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If you are under the age of 40, and have been diagnosed with a serious health issue, finding a life insurance policy can be challenging. Term insurance providers will turn you away and most guaranteed life insurance policies are not available until the age of 45 or later. Thankfully, if you are working at least […] Read more

Purchasing Life Insurance After Prostate Cancer

If you a prostate cancer survivor seeking life insurance protection, you might be concerned about high rates or even the possibility of being declined. The good news is that, depending on your specific treatment and overall health, purchasing an affordable life insurance policy to protect your loved ones might be easier than you think. We’ve […] Read more

What is the Cut-off Age for Affordable Life Insurance? (Updated for 2021)

“Is there a cut-off age for affordable life insurance?” This is a question I am often asked especially by those people who are middle-aged and older. Many people assume that when they turn 40, 50, or 60, life insurance rates automatically shoot through the roof…but thankfully, they are wrong! There are a lot of different […] Read more