Why I Took Out Over $1 Million of Life Insurance on Myself AND My Wife

Before having our first child, my spouse and I decided to purchase a life insurance policy for one another. We bought more than 1 million in life insurance each because, if something happens to either or us, we don’t want our loved ones to struggle. Buying coverage also ensured both of us that our surviving […] Read more

Key Man Life Insurance: Is Your Business Protected?

In a survey by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), 71 percent of small business owners indicated they were “very dependent” on one or two key staff. Meanwhile, only 22 percent of respondents reported having a key man life insurance policy in place. If one of your most trusted employees or partners died unexpectedly, […] Read more

7 Life Insurance Shopping Tips and Strategies for 2021

7 life insurance shopping tips

Buying life insurance is often frustrating and overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. There is a range of coverages out there and sifting through them all can be an intimidating task. The pressure can be even more difficult if you’re looking to protect your loved ones financially. Fortunately, you don’t have to go into […] Read more

Life Insurance Estate Planning: 7 Costly Errors to Avoid

The Federal Estate Exemption will increase to $11.7 million per individual (or $23.4 million per couple) in 2021. Currently, the exemption is large enough that most people’s estates will safely avoid any tax implications when they pass away. But, if your is estate worth more than the exemption, your heirs will owe on the assets […] Read more

How Quickly Does Life Insurance Pay My Beneficiary?

expenses increase

We know what you’re thinking – “When will my beneficiary get their money after I pass?” This is a pretty common question we get when a client is applying for life insurance. And it’s a valid question to ask. You want to make sure your beneficiary will be covered for any expenses that he or she […] Read more