Life Insurance for Loggers – the Insider’s Guide

Insurance for Loggers

If you are a logger looking for insurance, you’ve come to the right place! Every life insurance company has different guidelines when it comes to approving a life insurance policy for loggers or someone who has an occupation that is considered to be dangerous. At JRC Insurance Group, we work with dozens of life insurance […] Read more

How Health Conditions Affect the Cost of Life Insurance

How We Can Help Our agents are here to help. By working with more than 50 top-rated life insurance companies we will be able to find the most affordable options available to you, no matter what type of health you are in! Our services are free, and we provide a consultative, no-pressure approach to life […] Read more

How Much is a $5 Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy?

If you are shopping for a $5 million dollar life insurance policy, our insider’s guide will provide you with everything you need to get started. This article explains the approval process and income requirements to help you determine the amount of coverage you can qualify for. We’ve also provided some life insurance rates by age, […] Read more

The 40 Best Life Insurance Companies for 2019


There are hundreds of insurance providers to chose from, and every company sets their own pricing and approval guidelines, which makes it difficult to find the best life insurance company. A handful of life insurance companies specialize with products like term or whole life insurance, while other providers will accept “high-risk” applicants with preexisting health […] Read more

States With an Inheritance Tax (Recently Updated for 2019)

inheritance tax

If you’re planning to set aside an inheritance for your loved ones, we recommend researching your state’s inheritance tax laws. As of November 2018, six states charge an inheritance tax and twelve states and DC have an estate tax. While estate taxes are usually only collected from a small percentage of extremely wealthy families, inheritance […] Read more