Haven Life Insurance – Instant Term Review

While buying life insurance is much easier nowadays than it used to be, the process can still take a couple of weeks depending on the type of policy you’re buying. Not to worry, we have some good news – it’s possible that you can get a policy in less than 24 hours! We don’t mean […] Read More

Motorist Life Insurance Company – Approval in Less than 20 Minutes

Do you need life insurance in less than 24 hours? What if we told you that you could buy an affordable term life insurance policy in less than 20 minutes? We’re not talking about getting a quote and setting up an appointment for a phone interview or a medical exam; we’re talking about term life […] Read More

Quick SBA Loan Life Insurance Approvals

SBA Loan and Life Insurance

Start-up businesses usually require funding, and many entrepreneurs rely on SBA loans as a source of capital. SBA loans are easy to obtain, but borrowers are required to secure their loan with life insurance. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are focused on creating their business, and they often overlook this requirement until the funding becomes critical, preventing […] Read More

Retirement Inventory: 7 Components of a Prosperous Retirement

prosperous retirement

Prosperity is more than financial wealth, it’s your overall well-being. Prosperity includes everything from your physical health to the way you live your life. You will need more than money to establish a well-rounded lifestyle in your golden years. So, if you want to achieve an abundant way of life, here are the components of […] Read More

What’s the Cost of Term Life Insurance?


When we have an interest in purchasing a product or service, our first question is usually, “How much does it cost?” Buying a term life insurance policy is no different! According to a recent LIMRA study, the primary reason that most Americans don’t have life insurance is not because they don’t need it, it’s because […] Read More