The 40 Best Life Insurance Companies for 2020


There are hundreds of insurance providers to chose from, and every company sets their own pricing and approval guidelines, which makes it difficult to find the best life insurance company. A handful of life insurance companies specialize with products like term or whole life insurance, while other providers will accept “high-risk” applicants with pre-existing health […] Read more

What is the Cut-off Age for Affordable Life Insurance? (Updated for 2020)

“Is there a cut-off age for affordable life insurance?” This is a question I am often asked especially by those people who are middle-aged and older. Many people assume that when they turn 40, 50, or 60, life insurance rates automatically shoot through the roof…but thankfully, they are wrong! There are a lot of different […] Read more

Life Insurance Estate Planning: 7 Costly Errors to Avoid

The Federal Estate Exemption recently increased to $11.58 million per individual (or $23.16 million per couple). The current exemption is large enough that most people’s estates will safely avoid any tax implications when they pass away. But, if your is estate worth more than the exemption, your heirs will owe taxes on the assets you […] Read more

Purchasing Instant Issue Life Insurance Online

Tips to Save Money On Life Insurance

To simplify the process of buying life insurance, a handful of companies have started selling instant issue life insurance coverage.  Instant issue life insurance is purchased online which is easy enough, but it’s not for everyone. The convenience it offers can come at an inflated cost, especially for people over the age of 60. And […] Read more

9 Reasons to Buy Final Expense Insurance

burial costs

Say you’re nearing the later years of your life, and have no life insurance policy in place to protect your loved ones if you were to pass away. At this point, it’s much harder to qualify for affordable coverage, which leaves you discouraged and wanting to give up. This is where final expense insurance comes […] Read more