Motorists Insurance Group Review – Rates, Underwriting Niches, & Approval Process

motorist insurance group review

AM Best Grade: A- (Excellent) 5 stars Address: 471 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 Phone: (614) 225-8211 Website: https://www.motoristsinsurancegroup.com/ Also Known As: Motorists Life Insurance In business for 90 years, Motorists Insurance Group is an insurance company that works specifically with motorists. The company’s products include business and personal life insurance, car insurance, and […] Read More

The Easiest Way to Buy Life Insurance Online – Approvals in 20 Minutes

motorist life

Did you know you can buy up to $500,000 of life insurance in less than 20 minutes ever speaking to an agent? Unlike other companies, Motorist Life offers term life insurance that can be purchased online, without an invasive medical exam or phone interview, in just a few minutes. Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything you […] Read More

Dying Without Life Insurance

dying without life insurance

On our website, we talk a lot about how you want to make sure you’re insured when you pass away, so your beneficiaries can receive the death benefit to spend how they wish. What we don’t talk about is what happens if you die without having a life insurance policy in force. In this article, we […] Read More

How to Obtain Affordable Life Insurance with Bipolar Disorder

bipolar disorder and life insurance

Finding an affordable life insurance policy with bipolar disorder may seem like an impossible task, but there is hope. Every life insurance company sets its own approval guidelines, and some insurers are more lenient with applicants who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder than others. Applying with the right insurer could save you money and […] Read More

The Different Types of Permanent Life Insurance Policies

types of permanent life insurance

As you may know, there are two types of life insurance policies – temporary (also known as term life insurance) and permanent. You’ve done the proper research, and decided that you want to purchase a permanent policy. But after doing a quick Google search, you’ve realized there are multiple types – which one do you […] Read More