Purchasing Life Insurance After Prostate Cancer

If you a prostate cancer survivor seeking life insurance protection, you might be concerned about high rates or even the possibility of being declined. The good news is that, depending on your specific treatment and overall health, purchasing an affordable life insurance policy to protect your loved ones might be easier than you think. We’ve […] Read more

What is the Cut-off Age for Affordable Life Insurance? (Updated for 2021)

“Is there a cut-off age for affordable life insurance?” This is a question I am often asked especially by those people who are middle-aged and older. Many people assume that when they turn 40, 50, or 60, life insurance rates automatically shoot through the roof…but thankfully, they are wrong! There are a lot of different […] Read more

The Potential End of the GUL Due to Low Interest Rates


Low-interest rates can impact the economy in many ways. From encouraging consumer borrowing and investing, to increasing consumer confidence, low-interest rates can positively impact the economy. However, low-interest rates also have drawbacks. One such drawback is that some insurance companies are no longer offering guaranteed universal life insurance (GUL). So, what does this possible discontinuation […] Read more

Life Insurance and Coronavirus – Buy Coverage Without an Exam

buying life insurance and coronavirus

Over the last year, we’ve received an influx of calls from folks that are scrambling to protect their families from the Coronavirus with a life insurance policy. Despite the ongoing pandemic, you can still purchase an affordable life insurance policy to preserve your family’s financial future while things slowly return to normal. While some carriers […] Read more

Should I Work with an Agent or Buy Life Insurance Online?


If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we can conduct most of our daily tasks online. From work to ordering groceries, the internet gives us access to almost anything right from our couch. While it’s possible to take care of most of your daily tasks online through some website’s bot, there are tasks, […] Read more