The Insider’s Guide to Business Life Insurance (Expert Advice for 2018)

Business Life Insurance

Life insurance is commonly purchased to provide financial protection to families, but life insurance can also provide valuable protection to businesses as well. Setting up a contingency plan with life insurance can provide your business with the safety net it needs to stay afloat in the event of an executive or an owner passing away. […] Read More

Term Life Insurance Quotes Online (Updated Rates for 2018)

Almost everyone needs life insurance, but most of us would rather die than talk to a life insurance agent. All jokes aside, as life insurance agents, we understand. No one wants to talk about death, and we’ve all seen Groundhog’s Day, so we know our reputation proceeds us. So how do you get an accurate […] Read More

Best Life Insurance for Retirees (Updated Guide for 2018)

Life Insurance for Retirees

As we reach retirement age, most of us lose our employer-provided life insurance, and some us wonder if we still need our life insurance policy. Generally, our need for life insurance decreases as we get older but in some cases having a little bit of coverage might not be a bad idea if you still […] Read More

Quick SBA Loan Life Insurance Approvals (Updated for 2018)

SBA Loan and Life Insurance

Start-up businesses usually require funding, and many entrepreneurs rely on SBA loans as a source of capital. SBA loans are easy to obtain, but borrowers are required to secure their loan with life insurance. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are focused on creating their business, and they often overlook this requirement until the funding becomes critical, preventing […] Read More

10 Tips to Save Money On Life Insurance (Updated for 2018)

10 Tips to Save Money On Life Insurance (Updated for 2018)

Most of us need some life insurance, but that doesn’t mean that we should overpay for it. Knowledge is power, and learning a little but about the life insurance industry could save you a considerable amount of money. Every company has their own pricing, health guidelines, and underwriting criteria. As an independent agency that represent […] Read More