Life Insurance for Miners – Best Rates May be Possible

Life Insurance For Miners-Best Rates May Be Possible

Are you a miner in need of life insurance? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you are an assayer, surveyor, surface worker or underground mine worker we can help find life insurance for miners!

Life insurance companies have grouped each mining-related occupation into a category to determine how much of a “risk” you pose to the life insurance companies, and some companies are more lenient with some occupations than others.

At JRC Insurance Group we represent more than 40 top-rated life insurance companies to make sure we always find the lowest rates for our clients.

Quick Guide to Possible Best Rates for Miners

Preferred Best Rates May Be Possible

The lowest risk category for mining workers includes; assayers, chemists, detectives, guards, mining engineers, and surveyors. For applicants with one of these job titles, “preferred plus” rates may be available for an applicant that is in excellent health.

…However, this is only the case with a handful of companies, some companies will approve anyone with a mining-related occupation “standard” rates, so it is very important to shop more than one company. Our agency will shop more than 40 companies in one phone call for free.

Standard Rates for Some Surface and Pit Miners

The life insurance companies are a bit less lenient with miners who work on the surface of underground mines or mining workers who work in an open pit. The life insurance companies we work are usually able to approve applicants at a “standard” rate, or the average rate class.

Some companies will charge a flat-extra if your day-to-day duties are considered to be extremely dangerous or if you handle explosives. A flat extra is an extra charge that is charged in addition to your life insurance premiums for an increased “risk”. This fee for surface or pit mining workers is usually an additional $2.50 per $1,000 dollars of life insurance purchased.

For Example: If you apply for $100,000 of life insurance and your policy is approved with a flat extra, you will pay an additional $250.00 per year for your life insurance policy.

Approvals for Underground Workers

Being an underground miner in the United States can be a very lucrative career, but with reward comes a lot of risk.

Life Insurance For Miners-Best Rates May Be Possible_ Considering the dangers that a miner encounters everyday such as cave-ins, explosions, methane gas and carbon monoxide life insurance is a prudent decision in order to protect your family financially.

Insurance companies tend to be a little reluctant to insure miners or insure them at higher rates due to some of the fatality statistics. Most applicants are subject to a “flat rate” of an additional $5.00 fee per $1,000 of coverage.

…However, a handful of the companies we represent will offer a flat extra of only $2.50 per $1,000 of coverage which is another reason it is very important to work with an agency that represents dozens of companies.

For Example: If you were to purchase a $100,000 life insurance policy and you are approved with a “flat extra” of $2.50 instead of $5.00 per $1,000 of coverage, you would be saving $250.00 dollars a year on a $100,000 policy, $625.00 per year on a $250,000 policy etc.

Have you Been Declined Before Due To Your Occupation?

Some life insurance companies do not offer life insurance to miners due to the risk.

According to the Board of Labor Statistics that in 2012 there were 177 fatal work related injuries in the private mining sector. This was a 14% increase from 2011 in which there were only 155 fatal injuries.

Life Insurance For Miners-Best Rates May Be Possible__Coal miners also tend to have a higher than average mortality rate at 24.8 per 100,000.

Although some of the life insurance companies pay closer attention to these statistics than others, you shouldn’t become frustrated and give up.

Every insurance company looks has different standards and by working with a broker who is appointed by several companies, you will be able to find an affordable policy that fits your needs.

Aside from the immediate dangers of being a miner there are some health risks that are involved as well that may prevent some companies from approving your policy.

In addition to cave-ins and explosions, miners face dangers they cannot see, from carbon monoxide to methane gas.It is the reason miners of previous generations brought canaries into mines with them. If the canary began to struggle – or died – they knew they might be in trouble. Mining: The Most Dangerous Job? ABC News 

The most common condition associated with being a miner is pneumoconiosis, which is a type of lung disease that is caused by inhaling different types of dust. Sometimes the dust in that settles in the lungs and causes scarring which is known as fibrosis.

In some cases it may take years or even decades to develop any issues, in other cases it can wreak havoc on your body immediately.

When it comes to insuring clients that work in “hazardous occupations” insurance companies look at two things. First, they look at reports from the U.S. Department of Statistics such as their detailed reports of injury/death statistics for each occupation.

The second thing that they consider is the past experiences that they have insuring people who work in “high risk” occupations.

No matter what your health is like, or what your occupation is, we can help.

When shopping for life insurance, no matter what your situation is, it’s always best to work with a licensed broker who is appointed with multiple companies. At JRC Insurance Group we work with over 40 companies and we will find the company that is willing to offer you the best policy no matter what your need for coverage is. Our agents have multiple years of experience and we have helped people just like you.

Give us a call today, toll-free:855-247-9555. Our service is free, and we will be able to find you a policy that fits your needs at an affordable price..

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