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    JRC lets you shop, compare and save on life insurance. Get the best rates from 40 top companies with just one click!

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  • Protect your business from an unexpected death

    JRC specializes in affordable life insurance for business owners and key employees. Get the best rates from over 40 top companies with just one click!

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    Are you Over Age 50 or Have a Medical Condition?

    JRC should be your next call! Regardless of your age or health background, we’ll shop our 40+ carriers and find you the affordable life insurance you need.

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I could not be more pleased with the amazing service I received from Justin and his team. See more

– Andrea D.

They secured me coverage at a reasonable premium. Thanks much. My wife sleeps easier now! See more

– Jim G.

I am very happy that I came across y’all. Thanks for all your help. God bless y’all. See more

– Pastor Andy T.



We compare term life insurance rates from 40+ top rated carriers, including:













Sample Life Insurance Rates

See actual life insurance pricing examples by age.


Life Insurance No Medical Exam

Get approved for life insurance in as little as 15 minutes.


High Risk Life Insurance

We are impaired risk specialists. Give us 10 minutes and we could save you hundreds of dollars on term life insurance.


JRC Insurance Group is an owner-operated team of Licensed Insurance Agents with over 49 years of combined experience.

Our Companies:

We specialize in finding the best term plans available by working with over 40 top-rated life insurance companies.  Our agents are experts in insurance underwriting, and by combining this unique knowledge of each insurance company’s underwriting guidelines, JRC is able to shop the market to find you the lowest priced term plans available in the nation. Our service is free and we offer life insurance advice on all types of life insurance, not just term life.

Our Clients:

We help a wide variety of clients:  male and female, young and old, with and without health issues. Our clients include families, businesses, and lenders. By having access to 5-10 times the insurance companies as our competition, and focusing our efforts on life insurance solely, we are able to offer our clients an unparalleled buying experience and unbeatable rates.

… and speaking of rates, wouldn’t it be nice to see an online insurance agency that’s willing to share sample quotes without divulging your personal information?  We do.  See actual Life Insurance Rates by Age.

Customer service is our number 1 priority, and we pride ourselves in the fact we receive excellent reviews from our clients.

Our Specialty:

Almost every life insurance company has a unique niche, or an underwriting issue they are the most lenient with. By knowing which companies are better with high blood pressure, cholesterol, family history of cancer, residency/citizenship status, DUI history, etc., we are able to find the company that is the best for each of our clients and their particular health or personal history.   If you have had difficulty finding affordable term plans because of a serious health issue, tobacco use, diabetes, family history, your weight, or because you are waiting to become a US Citizen, these are the areas where our service and advice shine.

Our Commitment to Life Insurance:

Read our testimonials.  We have found affordable life insurance for people who didn’t think they could buy life insurance at all.

Most importantly, we know your time is valuable and we know you are calling for life insurance advice.  We promise not to waste your time by trying to sell you insurance for your home and automobiles.


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